The Colorado State Legislature has passed two bills regarding the conduct of Homeowner’s Associations in the State of Colorado (SB 05-100 & SB 06-089). The bills mandate that Homeowner’s Associations adopt written policies regarding several areas of HOA management. On December 14, 2007 the Board of Directors of Highland Meadows Homeowner’s Association passed a resolution adopting such a set of policies. The Board intends that these policies will provide a clear understanding of procedures and result in fair and consistent application of the policies.


To see the resolution and all the policy statements - Click here.

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Resolution of the Board of Directors - Click here

Policy on Collection of Unpaid Assessments - Click here

Policy on Board Member Conduct - Click here

Policy on Conduct of Meetings - Click here

Policy on Enforcement of Covenants and Rules- Click here

Policy on Records Inspection and Copying- Click here

Policy on Adopting and Amending Policies - Click here

Policy on Investment of Reserve Funds - Click here

Policy on Alternative Dispute Resolution (Revised 2017) - Click here

Policy on Mailbox Keys - Click here